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This is the Blessed Mary statue of my first refinishing. Lady Monica, now in her late 70's, is the owner of this statue. Lady Monica and I spent many hours together refinishing this statue and consequently have established a wonderful friendship.  



Welcome to Statue Doctor.com!

My name is Christopher. As a hobby, I refinish statues. Since July of 2006, I have refinished 5 statues. Here is how it all began. Every day on my way to work, I would drive by a Blessed Mary statue in need of extreme repair. One Sunday afternoon, I knocked on the door of the home owner. I asked if I could paint her Blessed Mary Statue. Her response was, "Yes". Her "Yes" lead from one statue refinishing to another.

My goal is not to refinish your statue, but to share with you what I have learned in order to assist you with your refinishing.

I see a need for this kind of website given the difficulty I experienced searching "how to" sources, given the number of statues I see in need of repair, and given the inquiries I have seen on the internet.

Note: Proceeds from the sale of Mystic Monk coffee go towards the cost of refinishing statues.